Ripple Giveaway: 1 Billion XRP For New Payment Processing Startup

ripple giveaway

Ripple giveaway is now starting in a bid to pump XRP into the growing startup ecosystem despite the legal battles that XRP is unregistered security. In today’s coming altcoin news we dig a little deeper to find out what exactly is going on.

According to the latest announcement on Thursday, Ripple’s investment arm Xpring participated in the $4 million seed round for the in-browser payment startup Coil which was spearheaded by the ex-Ripple CEO Stefan Thomas. Xpring announced that it will start a Ripple giveaway of 1 billion XRP grant to Coil in order to help it build a community of ‘’creators, consumer and strategic partners’’ according to the press release. The XRP granted to the Coil startup come straight from the balance sheet of Ripple’s XRP according to Ethan Beard who is the vice president of Xpring. The funding was initiated by an ambitious growth plan for Coil including the $20 million investment in the photo-sharing platform Imgur and into the Cinnamon startup as well.

The Coil platform now allows its subscribers to pay up to $5 a month so when a certain user consumes content from a compatible website, the content creators automatically receive XRP payments or fiat bank transfers via dollars. One musician Riley Q also stated that she earned more than $3,400 worth of XRP so far by saying that:

“There weren’t any artists on the platform yet and I saw it as an incredible opportunity to get in early. There’s not many untapped markets, but I managed to find one. I’m super excited for the future of crypto, Coil, and the music industry as a whole.”

Thomas also noted that some of the top creators are earning thousands of dollars a month thanks to this platform. Coil relies on the Interledger protocol which Tomas says that it will eventually support cash-out options for other cryptocurrencies:

 “Our dream is that you get one subscription and can browse the whole web and support the creators you enjoy without ads or paywalls.”

The CEO Thomas believes that Coil is running a Booster program that will pay XRP grants to top clients with top content on the media platform as reported in the latest cryptocurrency news.

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