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The Tron founder Justin Sun has posted an article with a document overview regarding the recently launched Sun Network and DAppChain that developers can use.

Meanwhile, TRX is residing on position #14 on CoinMarketCap. The market cap volume is still over $1 bln, however, next after TRX comes DASH with a market cap slightly under $900 mln.

Thus, TRX is about to get kicked out of the top crypto asset list.

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Sun Network to help Tron mainnet network expand

The article with the document overview briefly describes what Sun Network will do, as well as certain features of the side chain for smart contracts (DAppChain). Among other things, the latter was created for letting users run dApps and smart contracts cheaply on the Tron network, as well as ensuring an unlimited scaling solution for the whole ecosystem.

DappChain is designed to be a highly customizable side-chain for all developers, allowing users to quickly switch between the mainnet and the side-chain.

Thanks to multiple side-chain connections, Sun Network will also enable the mainnet to first reach up to 2,000 TPS and then, in theory, an infinite number of TPS, the article claims.

Besides, the Tron team will provide a Tron-compatible toolset necessary for developers to create their dApps on DappChain.

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Tron community: from hatred to love. The Warren Buffett lunch reminder

The reaction of the Tron community was predictable – many are tired of Justin Sun’s constant hype and attention-grabbing Twitter posts, so they openly call TRX a ‘shitcoin’ and the Tron Foundation with its CEO – a scam.

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However, some still believe Sun and keep encouraging him to carry on with his ambitious plans.

Others are reminding the Tron founder of the promised (and overhyped) lunch with Warren Buffett, which has been postponed for an uncertain time period.

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