Oracle Corporation files a trademark violation lawsuit against CryptoOracle

Redwood Shores based tech giant Oracle is suing CryptoOracle for using the company’s trademark registered name. In its complaint, Oracle has accused CryptoOracle of using the brand’s established name to make profits and trade on the company’s goodwill. On Thursday, Oracle filed a case in federal court and urged to the court to stop CryptoOracle from using the company’s name.

Previously Oracle tried to settle the dispute outside the court by sending cease and desist letter to CryptoOracle, but in reply, Startup sent the application that they filed to trademark the name.

Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoOracel Lou Kerner
Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoOracel Lou Kerner

CryptoOracle is a NewYork based equity investment startup founded in 2017. Louis Kerner, the founder of the blockchain-based venture capital firm, claims that the company hosts worlds largest crypto themed meetups as “Crypto Mondays.

Oracle Corporation has also acknowledged the work of CryptoOracle. In its complaint, the company said that they welcome some of the endeavours of the startup such as events organised by them for blockchain enthusiasts.

Oracle has asked the federal court judge to order the startup to stop using the company’s name to do business and remove the brand’s name from all domains that refer it.

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