Hivereck Is the One-Click Deployable Arbitrade Trading Bot on Blockchain

Photo: Hivereck Trading Bot

Photo: Hivereck Trading Bot

Arbitrage trading is a strategy deployed by traders targeting the price difference between two or more global currency markets. Traders capitalize on the imbalances by profiting from the difference between the market prices at which the unit is traded. This technique is becoming increasingly popular among traders as it is unlike traditional methods where profit is mostly derived from the accuracy of global market prediction.

For crypto traders, the journey is much more turbulent as these traders need to research and gather extensive data regarding each exchange they aim to leverage. Information such as exchange layout, transactions fees, and APIs, are among the many data required for any successful trading. Traders are caught between the fast-paced, demanding and time-consuming cryptocurrency exchange market and making price predictions. As a result, more people are beginning to explore arbitrage trading.

Innovative Arbitrage Bot

The growing adoption of arbitrage techniques leaves a void yet to be filled by trading tools. Hivereck will meet this need with its simple algorithm designed for a hassle-free user trading experience regardless of trading skills. Hivereck’s innovative new approach brings a much needed simplicity to arbitrage trading, as it aims to cut across multiple market enabling users to simultaneously trade against several pairs in order to boost their profits level.

In cryptocurrency-related markets, major and upcoming crypto exchanges are often in direct competition with each other, and end up having the same collection of cryptocurrency pairs listed across their platform. However, there is usually variables in prices. This can range from 1% to 15%, and can be easily capitalized on with the right tool. The Hivereck trading bot is the right tool for exploring such potential earnings in arbitrage. It will enable its users to make an average profit of either 2% or 7% daily, by just leveraging the differences between market prices. Withdrawal of profits will take place 24 hours after trade.

The London-based company ensures effortless steps in deploying the trading bot, through a one-click register option. Users can easily open an account, activate the account and make deposits of cryptocurrency or fiat into their wallet. Cryptocurrency deposits may include any of the top cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, QTUM or other crypto choices. Following the full verification process, trading can begin via fiat currencies or crypto. The Hivereck arbitrage bot can be operated with or without a professional trading experience.

The Hivereck bot is an ideal trading companion for anyone and everyone whose goal is to make profits. With simplified arbitrage trades strategies and over 70 cryptocurrency options to choose from, users are guaranteed maximum returns. Furthermore, users have a lock up option where they can lock their funds with the company. These funds, along with Hivereck company’s funds, will be used in trading multiple pairs on various exchanges to generate profits and incentivize its marketplace.

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