FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ – Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City is tournament ready

Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City was Inaugurated on 16 May 2019, when the stadium hosted the 2019 Amir Cup final, and became the second tournament-ready stadium for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 .


The design of Al Janoub by Zaha Hadid, is inspired by the sails of traditional dhow boats, a tribute to Al Wakrah’s seafaring past. 


The Stadium, home of Al Wakrah Sports Club, has an innovative cooling system, and together with a retractable roof, the stadium will be used all year round.  The stadium’s capacity will be reduced to 20,000 after the tournament, with the excess seats being donated to football development projects overseas.


With a tournament capacity of 40,000, situated just 23km from Doha City Center, fans will be able to reach the stadium from Al Wakrah station on the Red Line of Doha Metro as well as by a network of new expressways and roads, providing easy access to residents and visitors.  As the station is 4,5km away from the stadium, shuttle bus services will be available on match days..


Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City

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Al Janoub Facts:-


Main contractor: Joint venture between MIDMAC, Sixco and PORR Qatar.

Project manager: KEO International Consultants. 


Cooling technology:   Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City will benefit from innovative cooling technology designed and delivered by Qatari experts. More than 100 air ventilation units – split evenly between the lower and upper tiers – will serve the stadium bowl. The pitch cooling system comprises eight air handling units (AHU): four on the east side and four on the west. 


Sustainability: Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah City has achieved three sustainability certifications:

Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) Design & Build Certificate – 4-star for sustainable design GSAS Construction Management Certificate Class A* sustainability rating, recognising the project’s extensive efforts to protect the environment during construction. Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio certificate for energy centre  


The pitch: The turf used for the playing surface was grown at the Al Wakrah turf farm. The pitch was laid for the first time in March 2019, in a record time of just 9 hours 15 minutes.


The roof: Weighing 378t and measuring 92m, the steel structure – known as an ‘oculus beam’ – sits 50m above pitch level It will connect and support the entire roof, while providing maintenance access to some of the retractable parts of the structure. The beam was welded and assembled onsite over 20 days. Originally six pieces, the structure was built on temporary frames before being lifted into place. The entire welding, assembly and installation process took 40 days. The retractable roof can close in approximately 30 minutes using a number of steel wires. The roof will provide shade to the entire pitch and contribute to the efficiency of the stadium’s innovative cooling system.  Zaha Hadid,  


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