Binance Continues to Show Support for Measures Against the Coronavirus

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With over a month gone since the outbreak of the now dreaded coronavirus, charity organizations, social groups have been credited with the progress being made to contain the spread of the disease. Thanks to the efforts of the Chinese government, multiple provinces and cities have recorded no increase in the number of people infected.


Meanwhile, a report on exchange giant Binance’s blog post shows that the second phase of “Binance for Wuhan” donation has been concluded. It was stated that as of March 9, another 6 batches of medical supplies were delivered to 136 hospitals, medical teams, and disease control command centers.


The shipment included protective suits from Israel and the United Arab Emirates, oxygen machines, gloves, and protective goggles.


A quick breakdown of the relief materials to combat the disease


An estimated 2,300 protective suits purchased from Israel have been dispatched to 23 hospitals or medical teams.1,000 protective suits bought from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were also distributed to 16 hospitals or medical teams. The donation also includes 388 oxygen machines to Guangdong Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation. The final records of the distribution show that all they are dispatched to 44 hospitals which included 133,000 pieces of PVC gloves and 10,000 pairs of protective goggles.


Crypto space stakeholders in the fight against coronavirus


In the month of February alone, many cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies contributed in a bid to combat the spread of the virus. Tech startup FUZAMEI rolled out a blockchain-based platform designed to improve the transparency and efficiency of charity and medical data sharing. Blockchain firm Krypital also launched a charity donation effort to acquire medical supplies for Wuhan coronavirus victims.


According to the blog post, with various humanitarian efforts, there has been a decrease in the number of newly infected cases and an increase in the numbers of patients cured. Progress has been made in the battle against the virus, although the war is not yet over and Binance Charity has promised to continue to be a helping hand until the situation is under total control.



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